Institute of Morphology

Address: 12 Ruska Street, Ternopil, Ukraine

Tell. +38(0352) 25-17-80


PhD, DBSc, associate professor

Zoya Nebesna

Deputy Director of Educational work:

  • PhD, DBSc, associate professor

Dmytro Vakulenko

Deputy Director of Scientific work:

PhD, associate professor

Svitlana Trach Rosolovska

Education and Research Institute of Morphology was founded in June 2005. Work of the Institute is coordinated by Academic Council, chaired by the Professor Volkov K.S.. Yearly work plans are made up, meetings of Academic Board, operational meetings of the institute are regularly held.

Base of the Institute is Morphological building where four departments are situated.


Department of Human Anatomy,

Department of Pathological Anatomy with section course and Forensic Medicine,

Department of Histology and Embryology.

Department of Medical Informatics

Morphology building of ERI

Material resources include lecture halls, classrooms, science lab, museums, and additional rooms. Institute rooms is equipped with numerous computers that are connected to the Internet.

Classrooms of the departments oprn for students from 9 to 21:00 on schedule. This has greatly improved the quality of independent work of students.

Lecture Hall

All departments of the institute in recent years were widely implemented with new technology trainings. We use appropriate tools and equipment: microscopes, video systems, plasma TVs, computers and densitometers. At the Department of Histology and Pathology in training rooms every teacher’s desk is equipped with video system through which histological preparations, videos are demonstrated.

Teaching room at the Department of Human Anatomy

Teaching room at the Department of Histology and Embryology

Teaching room at the Department of Pathological Anatomy

Teaching room at the Department of Medical Informatics

Museum of anatomical preparations, Museum of pathanatomical preparations and museum of Forensic Medicine are widely used in the training process. Over the past two years full restoration of museum products was performed, wet preparations were upgraded.

Anatomical and pathologically anatomical museums

General research institutional laboratory operates in the Institute, which includes - electron, morphometric and spectrophotometric rooms.

Electronic Microscope with software, atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Laboratory microscope with video

Annual scientific conferences

Participants of the conference in “Chervona Kalyna”

Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Human Anatomy (2015)